Steveston, BC, Canada

Project: Turkmen Culture

The Turkmen are a tribal people who maintain a strong tradition with their historic culture even though we live in a time of cultural extinction through colonial and corporate pressures. In Northern Iran they have been able to maintain their culture through isolation while Turkmenistan is now independent and the government has put a priority on maintaining their cultural identity.

My intention is to not only document the Turkmen people but to bring attention to the value they put on their cultural identity as seen through their personal identity, comparing and contrasting within both Turkmenistan and Iran. I want to portray the ideals of regaining self governance after being oppressed and contrasting it with a regime that continues to oppress a specific group. And where do reservations in Canada end up on this spectrum?

KJ-events-2 copy   off to war

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan   the Wedding Chapel, Ashgabat

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