Steveston, BC, Canada

Race as a Social Construct

Race is without biological meaning as it has no genetic basis. More genetic variation occurs within the socially constructed races, as compared to between or among such groups. Racial identity itself is even fluid throughout the world as each society creates its own rules based on visual identity.

As race is the perception of what we see and defines how we act, an exhibition showing both physical and genetic differences could illicite questions about our perception of race versus reality.

Different areas in the exhibition could ask different questions. People could be asked to identify each image by race in the first section, highlighting our cultural perceptions. They could also be asked to specify adaptive traits. The results could be shown in the next section. Another section could also have images showing a gradation of color from black to white asking the question of where they feel one race starts and another begins. The largest genetic variability among homo sapiens is between women and men so groupings could also be made between the sexes.

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