Steveston, BC, Canada

Complete your room with Art by Kerri-Jo!

See your images in your home! Send in an image and we’ll place your favourite piece on the wall.
Examples here!


24″     $ 480   (limited edition of 60)
36″   $1,800   (limited edition of 24)
48″   $2,800   (limited edition of 12)
60″   $3,800   (limited edition of 9)
72″   $4,800   (limited edition of 3)

*Pricing is based on print only and varies based on materials selected.
Prices will not decrease below previous edition sold and may increase as edition numbers decrease.

Materials available include giclee, watercolour or metallic.
Photographic images can come float mounted, under acrylic and ready to hang.
Watercolour art must be framed under glass to preserve the image.

Contact Kerri-Jo to discuss your specific design requirements and see your favourite image in your room!

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