Steveston, BC, Canada

problems with the Fuji GFX 50S

If you’re planning on using the Fuji GFX 50S with a tripod and strobes then ignore this review. However, after shooting with both the Fuji X100F and the GFX freehand in different situations my images from the X100F were better. Here are the main problems I’m having with the GFX:

first impressions with new Fujis

I went out and did a quick test before I left on my trip to test out the Fuji X100F and the GFX 50S.

Vancouver Fashion Week 2017

I attended a couple shows on Sunday at the spring Vancouver Fashion Week to see Marilyn Wilson get honoured with an Ambassador Extraordainaire Award. As I was there I had to take a few shots of the shows I saw, including designs from Zuhal Kuvan-Mills of Green Embassy, MACHIO MIZUMACHI, Viviane Valerius and a few from Hattitude by Christina Lichy.

December in Storybrooke

Photography by Kerri-Jo

It looked like it started really snowing again so we went outside but it was fake snow and fog from filming a pirate scene for Once Upon A Time. So I took advantage of their lighting and shot some pictures of their set in our back yard! I’m not sure what the big balloon is but am guessing that it is some light source – I’ll have to check out night filming more often to see how it works.

Wreck Beach meetup

One of the fun things about photography is the community around it. I had the chance to meet up with a couple amazing photographers, Bryce Evans and Chris Collacott. Both are inspirational and very successful photographers who are worth checking out!

Turkmenistan’s Show Jumping Team

Photography by Kerri-Jo
Show jumping and equestrianism in Turkmenistan has taken a giant leap towards getting ready for the 2017 Asian Games. Fifteen young Turkmen riders have been training under both their traditional coach Durdymurat Kanayev and now as well under their new head trainer German jumper Katharina Jacob. Four horse and rider teams will be selected to participate in the games out of the ten selected for the team by the Turkmen Atlary (Department of Horse Breeding).

Galkynysh Equestrian Group


Turkmen djigits of the national equestrian games group “Galkynysh” performed their circus vaulting during the opening of the VIIIth International Equine Conference and Exhibition. The Galkynysh group has won many international circus competitions over the last few year, including Moscow’s World Festival of Circus Art, Italy’s International Circus Festival and China’s Grand prix of II International Circus Festival. The horses are Akhal-Tekes from the President’s stables.

Turkmenistan: Endurance


The Turkmen Atlary State Horse Association held their fourth annual horse marathon (60 km) during the Turkmen Horse Holiday at the National Equestrian Sport Center. Twenty-five horses and riders took part in the marathon. As usual to add a festive flair to the event, there were famous Turkmen singers and dance groups who performed before and during the ride.

Emma’s Turkmenistan Exhibit

World Expo: Turkmenistan
Emma’s grade six class each picked a country to discover and research in a World Expro project. Emma picked Turkmenistan. All the kids wrote to the embassy’s and unfortunately The Turkmenistan Embassy in DC was the only one not to respond with information. I got back from Turkmenistan just in time to see their exhibition!

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